Drone Zone

This is the track we call home. The Drone Zone held the prestigious Queens Cup event in 2016. It's our everyday track, our centre to introduce new pilots into the sport and a regular event location for us. The track is tight and technical and really teaches tight cornering. We will often be found at the Drone Zone perfecting our flying. 

Fun Fly's run the 1st Saturday and 3rd Sunday EVERY MONTH!!

Drone Zone - Popham Airfield - Winchester - SO21 3BD

Photo courtesy of Matthew Evans

The Kwad Club League

The Kwad Club League (KCL) is the only closed league in the UK. We race unique, intriguing locations with the UK's most up and coming talent along with the fastest pilot's in the UK. We develop our own league media around the pilots and season's movements. Races will be running from March to July every year.

2017 is underway and it is a CLOSE battle at the top but who do you want to see become the FIRST Kwad Club Champion?

2018 Pilot Registrations will be open in JAN 2018

Photo's courtesy of Tom Stanton

KCL - Winter Micro League

Oh yes, we've heard your moans and groans about wanting somewhere to fly in the winter. This is a brushless, 3", 4 event, casual, winter league. Races run from October to Jan every year.

Do you want in?

Pilot Registration to be released by September 15th.


 Camp and Fly Weekends

We hear you want to be able to fly all weekend, somewhere you don't get kicked off because little wannabe Messi's want to play football on your perfectly laid out Drone Racing Track, somewhere you don't have to dig your own poop hole, somewhere you don't have to hunt your own dinner?

Then look no further, we will be offering camp and fly weekends for one weekend EVERY month from March to August every year! Complete with onsite toilets, showers and power to charge those tired puffy batteries of yours.

Pilot Registrations COMING JAN 2018!!


Photo's courtesy of Tom Stanton


iSeries is the first UK indoor racing series. Its home is UKDS Racing in Nottingham and the season finale takes place at the NEC in Birmingham as part of the EPIC Insomnia Gaming Festival.

The tracks are cold, hard and lit with just LED's. The gates are metal girders and the floor is concrete. You are only finishing here if you have your wits about you. iSeries is pushing UK Drone Racing to above and beyond, you wouldn't want to miss it.

Photo's courtesy of Tom Stanton