Kwad ClubMaking a difference to Drone Racing

Kwad Club is taking a year off its normal club activities in 2018 to focus on making a difference for Drone Racing in the UK.

Chairman, Adam Mackrory, has taken a committee position in the BFPVRA to better service the Drone Racing Community.

Kwad Club will be looking to bring back its regular club activities when the time is right. In the mean time, check out our new blog – we will be covering all of the major UK competitions, we will be making sense of new rules and legislation, we’ll be interviewing the UK’s up & coming drone racers and your normal general blogging goodness.

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Kwad Club are very personable, professional and they have a great connection with the community. It’s brilliant to see them achieving so much with Kwad Club. Can’t wait to see them back at the NEC.Oliver O'Brien - UK Drone Show

The Mission StatementWe put Racing First

Kwad Club have been putting on drone racing events since 2016. They’ve been involved with the British Championships, iSeries, KCL, Gogglefest and a lot of other UK Race Events.

Kwad Club are using their collective experience to teach the next generation not only how to race but how to fly safely, what to expect at bigger events as well as how to build & maintain your drone properly..

Kwad Club have always worked closely with the BFPVRA and BMFA to help implement changes in the sport. Kwad Club supports the next generation in becoming the Greatest Drone Racers in the world.

We created Kwad Club because we want as many people to be able to enjoy the feeling we get, when we put on a set of goggles. Freedom, the thrill of speed and the warmth of community.


Drone Racing in the UKAt a glance



The Kwad Club LIONSThe faces behind the goggles



The Lion’s are either rebuilding or practicing for their next race. They live, breathe and work for competition.


The Lions are a group of the quality individuals we call friends. They’re there for each other, and the rest of the community, every step of the way.


All finishing in the top 21 at the 2017 British Championships. It is a common sight to see them on a podium.